Mood enhancing lipglosses exist, and an Irish makeup brand is selling them 1 year ago

Mood enhancing lipglosses exist, and an Irish makeup brand is selling them

Think we could all do with a pick me up right now.

I've found myself staring at my make up bag lately wondering when I'll ever use it again.


There honestly doesn't really seem like much point in throwing on foundation and eyeliner when I've absolutely nowhere to go.

Saying that, I have found myself using more of my face masks and skin care products that smell really nice and make me feel calmer and happier.

Recently a new Irish make up brand launched and its debut product is a lip-gloss, with three shades that each compliment different skin tones.

These lip-glosses don't just make your skin tone pop though. Apparently, they also help to enhance your mood.

Naura Cosmetics is Ireland's newest beauty brand, launching their products today.

The Aura Glow Gloss aims to not only make you look gorgeous, but also to help you feel great too.


I know that generally when we look fab we feel fab, but there's actually some science behind Naura's products which are specifically designed to 'spark joy' in any wearer of the product.

I watched an Insta-live demo with Naura founder Aron Whelan earlier today and let me tell you, the pigment and glow in these lip-glosses is something else.

Add to that the fact the scent of them makes you feel full of joy and I honestly think this is a product that we could all use right now.

The Aura Glow Gloss retails at €13.95 in three shade: Real Talk, Vibe Check and Pinky Promise.


Naura Cosmetic's new website is now up and running for you to browse the range yourself, so get in there quick and be one of the first to try out these innovative new lip products.

They might just be the next big thing. Sorry Kylie.