Rasa Levinaite, Director of The Wicklow Street Clinic, dishes on the hottest trends for 2019 3 months ago

Rasa Levinaite, Director of The Wicklow Street Clinic, dishes on the hottest trends for 2019

We chatted all things skincare and business.

Rasa Levinaite owns one of Dublin's thriving beauty clinics, The Wicklow Street Clinic.

Her journey was far from traditional.

Rasa arrived in Ireland at the age of 21, working for the summer as a bookmaker and accountant in the clinic.

And she never left Ireland.

She worked in the clinic for 17 years as an accountant and general manager, but set her eyes on the business when the opportunity arose.

Rasa became the Director of the business, and has overseen a stylish new refurbishment with her keen attention to detail.

Rasa’s passion lies in having a highly skilled, happy and friendly team that offers industry leading levels of service and treatments to new and existing clients.


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When asked what makes her clinic different, in an extremely competitive environment, she says:

"It's our attention to detail, expertise and aftercare. I want every person that comes here to feel like they are the only person that matters. That is what makes us different. It's more than just a treatment, it is an experience."

When asked which treatment she enjoys having done she said any of them, though she is partial to a CACI Synergy which is ideal before any event.

On of Rasa's biggest achievements over the years has been her work with Eminence.

The Wicklow Street Clinic is the official distributor for this incredible skincare brand.

Eminence is more than just a product though.

For every Eminence product sold, the brand plants a tree, they supply food to hospitals for children with cancer, and all their products made from organic ingredients.

It is a favourite among Hollywood stars, because while they are organic they still treat skin conditions as the cosmeceutical brands!

In terms of the biggest trends coming down the line, plasma is the word of the moment it seems.

"the plasma pen lift is a cosmetic treatment which uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and promote the production of collagen in the skin with results that are comparable to traditional surgery."

Naturally intrigued, I ask how it works.

"The device uses the voltage in the air to create an electrical arch (plasma) between its tip and the skin. As this electrical arch touches the skin, it instantly contracts. Excess skin is reduced."

Sounds divine, she has me sold.

Another unique element of Rasa's business is Dr Roberto Viel.

Dr. Roberto Viel has over twenty-seven years experience in surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic surgery.

He runs a busy practice in Dubai and on Harley Street in London, but finds the time to visit clients in The Wicklow Street Clinic.

Quite the coup, if you ask me.

Dr Roberto's approach to cosmetic surgery is interesting, as he seeks to enhance a person's appearance, rather than change it completely.

"I chose to get into the world of aesthetics because it is a way to improve a person's quality of life. You help them feel good in their own skin."

"I want to make sure that I give my clients a natural, beautiful look."

"The way the Kardashians appear is an unrealistic level of beauty, and I am not a fan of it at all."

He specialises in all cosmetic surgery and non-invasive treatments, but reckons that non-invasive treatments will be coming to the forefront.

"People are busy, and want shorter recovery times. Thankfully, we have the technology to allow for this. Results with easy recovery that will benefit patient’s lifestyles in today’s busy and demanding world."

Much like Rasa, he is a big believer in the plasma pen lift.

More recently, he is very excited with new developments within the ‘fat transfer’ procedure; a new technology demonstrating better fat survival that can be administered in the face, breast and for male enhancement purposes.

"Fat is beautiful and should not be thrown away," he says, explaining why we should see the benefit of transferring it where possible.

It certainly sounds interesting.

The Wicklow Street Clinic at 13 Wicklow Street is perfectly situated in a central and easily accessible location just off Grafton Street and specialises in anti-ageing treatments, Eminence Organic Skincare, CACI facials, injectables (carried out by Harley Street Surgeon, Dr Roberto Viel) and much more.