Research shows that green tea can help treat acne 3 years ago

Research shows that green tea can help treat acne

A helpful tip for anyone suffering from acne.

Acne is troublesome at any age and although you might think you can escape it when your teenage years are over, this isn't always the case.


However, there are ways and means of dealing with it and a study has shown that green tea might help treat your adult acne.

Women aged between 25 to 45, who had either moderate or severe acne, were divided into two groups for the research, which then appeared in Complementary Therapies in Medicine.

One group had to take capsules with 500mg of green tea extract and the others had to take placebos (a tablet that did not contain an active drug substance) three times a day for four weeks.


At the end of the month, results showed that acne levels, particularly "inflammatory lesions", diminished considerably for the women who had been taking the green tea extract.

Why so?

One likely reason is the fact that the good green stuff contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help to calm down red angry blemishes.


Drinking a cup of green tea or two might not sound like a big ask but it can make all the difference if you're struggling with your skin.

You can check out the study in full here.