All you need to know about the glam new RTÉ show Salon Confidential 4 years ago

All you need to know about the glam new RTÉ show Salon Confidential

We'll definitely be tuning in to this.

Salon Confidential is one of the newest shows joining the RTÉ lineup - and it sounds like it's an absolute must-see.


The four part series takes a look at the relationship between hairdressers and their clients, and how it can end up being life changing.

And one of the hairstylists featured in the series, Billy Bunzari, told us all about what viewers can expect from Salon Confidential when it premieres on RTÉ2 later this year.

He explained to Her:

"I think what makes the show stand out is how real it is.

"The show is a four part series, and it essentially plays on the idea that clients will tell their hairstylist everything.

"Every aspect of their life; the good, the bad, the ugly. There’s a really strong relationship there.

"People are coming on and literally bearing their soul, telling us their inner most problems and dilemmas. Some of it’s light and fluffy, while some of it’s hard hitting.

"Salon Confidential looks at that, and goes there with the conversations that are had and the things we discuss.

"Clients are real people from all walks of life. They come into our salon and have issues going on or need help with some things.

"And we all kind of just bounce ideas off each other, come with resolutions to problems, share our own stories - it’s all very real, but it’s also very glam."

The show takes place in a brand new, state of the art salon in Dublin 24.

And while there were plenty of memorable moments while filming the series, there was one moment with a client that was particularly stand out for Billy.

He explained:


“A stand out moment for me while filming…you’ll see it during episode one.

“You’re going to see a really tricky encounter I had with a client who actually turned out to be quite vocal about her discouragement of gay rights, I suppose you could say.

"I was initially quite shocked and stunned, because I had gotten along with her really well.

"She kind of started expressing her views on why she doesn’t think gay [people] should be able to marry, or adopt or things like that."

The hairstylist admitted the "quite tricky" moment was a meeting he would never forget.

He continued:

 "It was a stand out moment not in a good way, not in a bad way.

"But it was something I will never forget when I was faced with that in a salon chair environment. It was quite awkward, quite tricky, and I hope I handled myself well."

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