The secret trick to Kim K's shiny hair won't cost you a thing 5 years ago

The secret trick to Kim K's shiny hair won't cost you a thing

Fair play.

Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen Show this week and discussed a number of topics including the terrifying ordeal of the Paris robbery, her feelings towards Caitlyn Jenner and how material things just don't matter as much to her these days.


Her first TV interview since the incident was well-received by viewers and even her haters can't deny that the reality TV star came across very well.

Wearing a Balenciaga little black dress, the mother of two looked fab with her super shiny hair getting a lot of attention too.

Thankfully, Kim's stylist Jen Atkin has spilled the beans on the secret to her gorge hair when chatting with the Refinery 29 team and it's actually really achievable, using ingredients you'll have sitting in your fridge or kitchen press.


Use either eggs/avocado/olive oil/coconut oil and add the secret ingredient, a crushed-up vitamin tablet or supplement.

The instructions differ, egg whites stay on the hair for 30 minutes, avocado for 15 minutes and coconut/olive oil also needs to stay on for a quarter of an hour.

NEVER mix all the options together because Jen says this works best when you choose one, and only one, to act as the base ingredient.

Pro tip - double shampoo the olive oil mask because that stuff is HEAVY.


Now, go forth and get your hair all shiny in time for Bank Holiday Saturday fun.