Seriously?! One hairstyle is said to be 'out of fashion' for 2018 2 years ago

Seriously?! One hairstyle is said to be 'out of fashion' for 2018

Out of fashion, we'll take that with a pinch of salt.

If you're looking for a change but aren't quite sure what you want, then take inspiration from some of the hairdressing industry's leading experts.

Apparently, layers are on the way out this year and blunt cuts are in which is really rather good news as this style can make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Fab news if you've been trying to grow your layers for ages and are finally back at the one length (that's me over here, yes).

However, if you love your layers and find them easier to manage, we say keep them because you know your own hair better than anyone.

According to Byrdie, straight, blunt ends and edges will dominate salons this year with layers taking a major backseat, is it finally goodbye to The Rachel?

It's not the first time the 80s has made a fashion comeback and for 2018, long fringes and blunt bobs with curled ends are in.

This will appeal to anyone looking for a shorter haircut who doesn't want to commit to a full-on bob.

In conversation with the publication, celebrity hairstylist Larry King said that this particular style, which he tried on Pixie Lott previously, is set to become a trending look this year.

Others who have sported this haircut include Jackie Kennedy and years on, people still look to the former First Lady's hair and beauty choices for inspiration.

Simply put, you're going to see a lot of blunt cuts and fringes this year and we might just have to make a hair appointment asap...