This €4 setting spray will give you the most amazing makeup of your life 1 year ago

This €4 setting spray will give you the most amazing makeup of your life

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When it comes to getting that perfect face of makeup, we can get a bit overwhelmed.

Fair enough to be honest, there's a lot to take it.

Arguably, a person should be cleansing, toning and moisturising before even starting with the makeup.

Then there's the primer, foundation, powders, bronzers and everything else.

Quite a lot of work, but we love it!

However, there's nothing more soul destroying than when you spend a good 40 minutes doing a stun makeup look, and half way through your night out it's all gone.

The worst has happened, and all because you probably skipped one integral step.

Setting spray lads - the key to success.

setting spray

And when I tell you that you need to get a setting spray in your life, I don't necessarily mean the most expensive one.

Particularly this time of year, when the sweat is more likely.

In fact, one of the best ones on the market at the moment is just €4 - yep, I'm serious.

Introducing the Sun, sea, sand and setting-spray from essence.

The last thing you want to be worrying about on holidays is whether your makeup is still on!

And the essence’ glow to go illuminating setting spray is a must-have for setting make-up in place, and keeping it there.

Not only does it keep your makeup in place, but it also adds a hint of glow.

The soft-focus effect also evens out small skin irregularities and instantly creates a radiant look due to light-reflecting pigments.

Did I mention the fact that it's cheaper than a coffee from Starbucks?

For just €4.10 - this divine little setting spray could be yours. Bargain of the year.

essence cosmetics is available in Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide.