Shine bright like a diamond this season with tinsel lashes 4 years ago

Shine bright like a diamond this season with tinsel lashes

From squiggle brows to tinsel lashes.

2017 has certainly been a year of weird and wonderful beauty trends. The latest (and hopefully the last) is tinsel lashes and we really can't decide if this fad is weird or wonderful.


Tinsel lashes are basically a strip of glittery tinsel applied to your top lash with some glue, the same way you would apply your fake eyelashes.

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda getting itchy eyes looking at these pictures. Does this tinsel not itch like the stuff I'm used to swinging off the tree? Perhaps not.

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People were quick to react when makeup artist Regina posted this picture. One user said: "How did you do this, I want it on my face immediately", while another wrote: "Pretty, this pic is amazing".

And Regina isn't the only one hopping on the glitter eyelash bandwagon, with many taking to social media to also share their sparkly lashes.

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A DIY look to rock for 12 pubs this year? Hmmm, we will contemplate it.