We have all been storing our make-up sponges in the wrong place 5 years ago

We have all been storing our make-up sponges in the wrong place

As make-up obsessives know, brushes and sponges can become breeding grounds for bacteria.

It is absolutely essential to clean brushes regularly and sponges also need proper care.


Beauty Blenders and most other make-up sponges are best used damp for two reasons: it allows for better application and stops you from wasting product as the sponge doesn't fully absorb make-up when it's wet.

However, if you don't store your sponges properly, you're asking for trouble as dampness can lead to bacteria including mould.

Our faces after hearing that news

Deep breaths everyone, because there is a way around the problem.


Keeping your sponges in a breathable case (anything made of mesh is a good call) means it can dry without coming in contact with bacteria.

Speaking to Byrdie, Ree Ann Silva, the brains behind Beauty Blender, has one important tip and that is to avoid keeping your beauty blender or make-up sponge in a dark, enclosed space.

"When you remove oxygen and light from anything that is moist, you have the opportunity for mould and bacteria to start forming".

Okay, that's enough, we'll be taking extra care in future.


The relief!