Summer Glow, Without the Glare - Top Tan Tips from Cocoa Brown 9 years ago

Summer Glow, Without the Glare - Top Tan Tips from Cocoa Brown

With the summer sun finally coming out from, hiding, we’re looking forward to busting out the summer wardrobe, pumping up some tunes and firing up the barbeque. We might even be in the mood for a little ‘Summer Lovin”, Danny and Sandy style!

Though we all love a golden glow when we’re swapping the wooly tights for bare leg and flipflops, we’re all big enough and bold enough now to know that faking it is ALWAYS a better option than baking it.


With that in mind, our friends at Cocoa Brown have dropped by with some top tips to getting the perfect summer tan, the safe way.  



Tanning under the sun’s strong and harmful rays is really a thing of the past. With skin cancer awareness increasing, we are more educated about the damaging effects that the sun can have on our skin.


Do yourself a huge favour, (your future/older self will thank you for it), and stay well out of reach of UV rays this summer. Instead, fake your golden glow with Cocoa Brown Tan. You can wave goodbye to time awkwardly turning like a rotisserie chicken on a beach to cover your white bits, while sizzling in 30oC heat.

To get a flawless, even and most importantly safe tan with Cocoa Brown that lasts…


Before holidays:


Exfoliate on the lead up to your tanning application – for two or three days in a row but NOT on the actual day of application. Your pores will be open and your tan will not be flawless and even. For this, you can use Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub.

After each exfoliation, be sure to apply a moisturiser to maintain a healthy skin - the healthier and more moisturised your skin is, the better your tan will look. Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-free Moisturiser is our pick.

Top Tip! You can chose to have the professionals apply your Cocoa Brown Tan which will ensure an even, flawless and slimming result for as little as €15. Plus, they won't ‘miss’ any spots and if you’re sporting a bikini you can’t afford to skip tanning your own back. Your spray tan should last you approximately 5/7 days as long as you maintain it right.



Maintaining your Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN on holidays:

Because you are going to be in and out of the pool/sea, maintenance of your Cocoa Brown glow is vital as swimming activities can affect the life of your tan.

Be sure to moisturise your glow with Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Moisturiser and avoid any heavy oily creams or lotions as they can cause the tan to break down on the skin to quickly. Chose a high SPF in an oil-free formula.

Another way to maintain your glow is to take your Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN with you in your luggage. A new 100ml version of their signature glow is now available and comes in a handy travel pack with the necessary sister products  Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Moisturiser (75ml) and Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub (75ml). This Ultimate Travel Set can be packed in your carry-on luggage and will be there throughout your well deserved break for tan top ups if needed.

Top tip! Once you see your tan starting to fade (after approx 5/7 days), be sure to exfoliate all your old using Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub before applying a fresh layer of Cocoa Brown Tan. Tan top-ups and maintenance should be kept just for the first couple days of your tan.



Cocoa Brown products are available from Penneys, Dunnes, Superdrug, Boots and pharmacies nationwide.