Suzanne Jackson just released a new product and you can customise it 5 years ago

Suzanne Jackson just released a new product and you can customise it

'It's here!' reads the Instagram post.

It seems like Suzanne Jackson is releasing products left, right and centre, but the latest one has fans very happy.


Her new product, which she revealed this afternoon, isn't actually that new at all though, as it's just like her original contour palette.

Except, with this one, you can customise it to your liking.

As we all know with contouring, sometimes you buy a shiny new set, but the colours are all wrong for your skin tone.


That is where Suzanne's new palette comes in. It's magnetic, as well as refillable, so you'll always be sorted for when you need one colour or the other.

The Instagram announcement read: "You asked for it and now, it’s finally HERE!!!! Introducing our new Magnetic Contour Palette....same award winning palette and shades... but now with a refillable function!

"Customise your contour to suit your skin tone!"


Suzanne has had quite an exciting few months as she also released her cream sticks not so long ago.

The cream sticks come in an array of colours, just like the contour palette, and can also be used to contour your face.


You can buy the new customizable palette on and have landed in pharmacies nationwide and it costs €29.95.