The Beauty Drop: Air Drop from Benefit 7 years ago

The Beauty Drop: Air Drop from Benefit

In our new feature we're picking a highlight that's landed on the beauty desk and giving you the lowdown on the beauty break-through, the budget and the reasons you should buy.... 

The Beauty Buzz


We're taking a look at the newest drop from Benefit, a BB Cream Eyelid Primer by the name of Air Patrol.

The Beauty Brand

Benefit really needs no introduction. Irish women LOVE the San Francisco based brand's kitsch and colourful packaging and their innovative products. We're already converts to beauty bag staples They're Real, the POREfessional and Hoola... and the wish list keeps on growing.

The Beauty Break-though


BB cream has been a beauty buzz term for the past year or so, but now the product is coming in the form of an eyeshadow primer designed to help defend against environmental stresses with Benefits "EnviroDefend" complex and SPF 20 to protect the delicate skin, lock on your eyeshadow, hydrate and colour-correct.

The Beauty Budget

Air Patrol will set you back €29.50 when it launches in September.

They Say: Air Patrol will help "defend eyelids from unfriendly skies". In tests, 93 per cent of women said it feels calming and soothing, 94 per cent said it relieved dryness and 91 per cent said it extends the wear of eyeshadow.

We Say: As "must-have" products go, a BB cream eyelid primer will never sit alongside the likes of a good foundation or mascara. That said, once we got into the swing of using this one, we developed quite the soft spot for it. If you're a daily eyeshadow wearer it's well worth the splurge as it definitely helps a shadow's staying power. Otherwise, it just acts as a nice moisture lock and colour corrector on that delicate skin. Bonus points for the nice CushionCalm tip made from the foam gel used in mattress technology. That's very nice indeed.