The Beauty Drop: Clarins Mission Perfection Serum 6 years ago

The Beauty Drop: Clarins Mission Perfection Serum

In our new weekly feature we're picking a highlight that's landed on the beauty desk and giving you the lowdown on the beauty break-through, the budget and the reasons you should buy...


The Beauty Buzz

Clarins recently unveiled their breakthrough Mission Perfection Serum and we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview before it lands on beauty counters later this year. We've put it through its paces so that you won't have to.
The latest offering from the iconic brand promises to correct pigmentation such as dark spots, acne marks and redness - without altering your natural skin tone.
The "complete" serum adds an instant healthy radiance to boot - what's not to love?


The Beauty Brand

The name Clarins has long been synonymous with luxury. Established in Paris in 1954, it was the top selling luxury skincare brand in Europe by 1990. The founder, Jaques Courins, believed that for women, beauty was intrinsically linked with happiness. The brand desires "to advance beauty by making it more real and natural" and prides itself on reinventing itself and "conquering new markets with each new day".


The Beauty Break-through


The science behind this serum is based on exosomes - the so-called "bad guys" when it comes to skin decay and pigmentation. Clarins, along with a world-renowned research centre, have determined that when these little messengers are exposed to aggressions like UV rays, they cause pigmentation disorders in the skin. The antidote? Extracts of acerola (of the cherry) which help to block these "bad messengers". There's also extracts of gingko biloba in there which promote a healthy natural glow by encouraging micro-circulation deep in the skin.

The Beauty Budget 

RRP €60


They Say:


Age spots, discolouration, dark areas, marks from acne, dullness, redness… This innovative anti-dark-spot serum corrects skin pigment disorders without altering the skin's natural tone. The result of a major scientific advance, this pioneering anti-dark spot serum for all women fights pigmentation disorders and restores a luminous complexion without altering the skin tone.

We Say:

The Mission Perfection Serum is a multi-purpose product that delivers instant gratification but also long-lasting results. We love the fact that this has so much packed into one product. With skincare getting more complicated and time getting more scarce, anything that delivers instant results without adding minutes in front of the mirror is a winner for us. The product works on all skin types and trust us, we have made it work hard around the desk in the last month.

Our writers with drier skin applauded it's moisturising qualities while those of us who are acne prone did not find it exacerbated the condition or turned our faces into an oil slick. There was a definite improvement in acne scarring and the sleep-deprived among us were seriously impressed with the instant glow it provides.


One writer who is prone to some redness after a glass of wine reported a definite improvement in her rosy cheeks.

Investigative journalism at its finest, ladies.