The Beauty Drop: IDC Skincare Range 7 years ago

The Beauty Drop: IDC Skincare Range

In our new weekly feature we're picking a highlight that's landed on the beauty desk and giving you the lowdown on the beauty break-through, the budget and the reasons you should buy...


The Beauty Buzz

For most twentysomethings and ladies in their early thirties, anti-ageing is pretty low on the list of beauty priorities.

However, this age bracket is actually the perfect time to begin correcting and preventing those tell-tale signs. They'll creep up on you - they're sneaky like that.

While you can't reverse ageing that has already happened (no matter WHAT cosmetics companies will lead you to believe), a good regime with quality science-based ingredients like this one can go a long way to keep you fresh faced and glowing.



The range targets the 16 mechanisms of ageing. 

The Beauty Brand 

IDC (Integral Dermo Correction) skincare, developed by Dr. Eric DuPont, is a capsule range of 23 products all designed to effectively slow down the ageing process by targeting the "16 mechanisms of ageing" (more on that in just a bit).


The brand creator, Dr. DuPont, has co-founded various biopharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients companies, so this guy knows what he's talking about. After numerous years of research and development, the Canadian debuted this line of heavily science-based products.

Our favorites from the range are the Pearl Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Gel, The Regen Express serum and the Hydra-Seal Healthy Glow moisturiser.

Pearl Cleansing Gel (00000002)

Pearl Ultra-Purifying Cleansing Gel 


The Beauty Breakthrough

What makes this brand unique is its focus on the 16 mechanisms of ageing. That baby faced look is all down to a delicate balance maintained by these mechanisms which either stimulate or inhibit certain actions. Eg, Hydration, oxygenation and barrier function inhibit ageing whereas pigmentation, inflammation and oxidation increase the appearance of ageing.

The REGEN-16 complex is IDC's secret weapon when it comes to balancing these mechanisms, and the results of the formula's effectiveness are recognised by the scientific community worldwide.

The Beauty Budget 

Pearl Cleansing Gel (120ml) RRP €25.95


Regen Express serum (30ml) RRP €56.95


Regen Express Serum 

Hydra Seal Healthy Glow (50ml) RRP €51.95

They Say 

This unique brand is a high performance anti-ageing skincare line with products that are easy to use, effective and fast-acting. With the highest concentrations of active molecules in the industry and with clinically proven visible results, IDC is about simplicity. It is aimed at all ages but with specific "correction" products that come into play depending on age group and skincare needs.

We Say 

What we love about this range is the fact that there is so much choice within the range meaning that you can tailor your routine to your unique needs - whether your problem is redness, lines, pigmentation, or you simply want to take general preventative measures.

Hydra Seal SPF 25 (00000002)

Hydra Seal moisturiser SPF 25 

Simplicity is key here with no frills attached - we love the simple, clean fragrance and sleek packaging.

We'd compare the range to La Roche Posay - it has that pharmaceutical, medical feel that creates a sense of trust. There is also a great instant payoff - the serum gives a healthy sheen underneath your foundation and the Hydra Seal Healthy Glow has a gradual tanner in the formula meaning you get day to day results while those little molecules are doing their thang. Win, win!