The new type of curly blow-dry you need in your life 2 years ago

The new type of curly blow-dry you need in your life

Meet the Mai-Tai.

You probably know it as an alcoholic rum-based cocktail but it's also a type of blow-dry coined by American blow-dry bar 'DryBar'.

The Mai-Tai is all "about effortless, messy, beachy hair".

You know the style I'm on about, the look that actually takes a considerable amount of effort to look "effortless".

It's all about textured waves which basically means a style you might try at home with a curling wand but somehow, it never looks quite as good.

The big bouncy voluminous blow-out has previously been the most requested style at practically every salon in the country but that might all be about to change.

To be fair, beachy textured waves are a lot easier wear than high-glamour big hair so the Mai-Tai might soon become your new go-to for a new weekday low-key look.

If you want to try the below look yourself, there's one key tip as demonstrated in the Instagram post below.

Ali Webb, the brains behind DryBar recommends:

"Blow in that curl! The more twist you give the brush, the longer lasting the curl you build in will be.

Have a look at these fab styles for some inspiration.

Beachy waves & a braid? Yes, please. ?: @carlossoliver #MaiTai #Drybar

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