The simple shaving fail we're all guilty of 5 years ago

The simple shaving fail we're all guilty of


Whether you use disposable razors or you have a battery powered device, you’re likely to have experienced irritation at one point or another.


Razor bumps and sore inflamed skin hurt and there’s a common shaving habit that tends to make this problem worse.

Rachel Sharoff, a New York based aesthetician, spoke to Refinery 29 and explained that a lot of people press hard on razors during shaving and this only serves to irritate the skin.

Not only that, when you’re in a rush exfoliating goes out the window (GUILTY) and your razor gets ‘clogged up’ leaving your skin itchy, red and irritated.

The way around it, by Rachel’s personal recommendation, is to either dry brush or use an exfoliating glove right before you shave.

Avoid grainy exfoliators on the same day as shaving though because even though they’re good for deep-cleaning they’re likely to redden the skin - NOT what you want.