The Simple Secrets Behind Red Carpet Worthy Celebrity Hair 8 years ago

The Simple Secrets Behind Red Carpet Worthy Celebrity Hair

Sure celebrities have lots of talented stylists and expensive products that make having fabulous-looking hair look easy.

But not all of their secrets are as luxurious or as predictable as you’d think. In fact they are techniques that both you and the can do at home.


Don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting any longer…

  1. Cat Deeley – When Cat is finished washing and conditioning her luscious locks the gorgeous television presenter gives her hair one last blast with cold water before getting out. Apparently cold water helps to give hair more shine and reduces the risk of fizziness. It may suck for the few seconds you’re standing under the freezing cold water but we reckon it’d be worth the goose pimples.
  2. Nicole Kidman – The Moulin Rouge star is known for using cranberry juice in order to maintain her fabulous hair colour. Not only does it rejuvenate naturally red locks but it is believed to add hints of red to brunette hair when used as a dye. We certainly like the sound of that; hair colouring for a fraction of the price and it’s all natural. Result!
  3. Catherine Zeta-Jones – She may use top of the range beauty products to achieve her flawless skin but Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly uses something a little more unique and a lot cheaper to look after her hair. The Welsh beauty apparently uses a mixture of honey and beer to condition her tresses. While we can certainly thinking of a tastier and much livelier activity to do with these ingredients, we reckon the actress might be onto a winner.
  4. Gwyneth Paltrow – Okay so it’s not what you’d normally associate a loofah with but according to Gwyneth Paltrow it is the ideal object to stop your hair from going frizzy. Rather than wrapping your hair around a brush when you blow-dry it, wrap it around a loofah instead and reap the hair-ific rewards.
  5. Jennifer Aniston – There have been a host of rumours surrounding Jennifer Aniston’s hair habits and products since she appeared on Friends. But we decided to pick out one which we believe might have a worthwhile chance of a) being true, and b) being successful. No need for the drum roll, it’s that she uses horse shampoo to wash her hair. We would neigh-ver have believed it.

Next stop… the supermarket!