These Are The Dimensions For A Perfect Face (According To Old-School Science) 7 years ago

These Are The Dimensions For A Perfect Face (According To Old-School Science)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you were a lady in the 1930s, it was much more to do with your facial measurements.

Good Housekeeping brought a throwback Thursday snap with a difference to light this week – offering women a chance to see if they had a ‘perfect face’ by the standards set in 1934.


Using a snap of a model named Sylvia Sidney, the woman was praised as have the “perfect face” at the Southern California Cosmetologists for its symmetry and oval shape.

sylvia sidney



The image, which was later broken up in a measurement guide for make-up artists, depicts the ideal face as having seven distinct qualities:

  1. The length of the face should equal the length of three noses.
  2. The space between your eyes should by the width of one eye.
  3. The upper and lower lips are the same width.
  4. Symmetrical eyebrows conforming to the line of the nose.
  5. Space from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid is the same as space between the upper eyelid and eyebrow.
  6. Eyebrow begins on the same line as the corner of the eye nearest to the nose.
  7. Width of the face across cheeks is equal to two lengths of the nose.

Of course, this is all subjective to taste. And shockingly enough, opinions and tastes have changed since the 1930s.

We might just take a pencil and measure the eyebrows though. That’s just strong brow game.


Image via Good Housekeeping