This common shower habit could be causing your acne troubles 3 years ago

This common shower habit could be causing your acne troubles

Some tips sound good in theory, but just would not translate in reality.

This is one of those tips.


We know that acne doesn't just occur on the face, but on the chest and back too.

A host of different products can clog pores including your shampoo and conditioner, so when these products run down your back in the shower, residues left over can lead to clogging and subsequently breakouts.

According to Good Housekeepingthe key here is not to face away from the water, but to flip your hair forward when you're washing and conditioning to avoid the products lying on your back.

Sorry, but the effort of that - it's just not going to happen.

Another tip that we CAN abide by however, is making sure to scrub your back with a gently exfoliating cleanser to remove old skin cells which may be clogging pores.

"Since it's one of the most acne-prone areas, you need to treat it as if it were your facial skin."

For more serious cases, over the counter products containing salicylic acid might be needed, or a trip to the GP if the acne is particularly stubborn.


One thing to avoid however, is benzoyl peroxide products.

While benzoyl works really well on the face, it tends to bleach fabrics so can be problematic when used on the back or chest.