The €11 product described as the world's best eyeshadow primer 2 years ago

The €11 product described as the world's best eyeshadow primer

A must if your eyeshadow refuses to last the day.

We're more than a little obsessed with eyeshadow given its transformative powers but of course, getting it to stay in place isn't always easy.

Nikkie Tutorials is a name that beauty fans will be very familiar with as the MUA and YouTuber has a major fanbase, 9.7 million followers FYI, pretty impressive when all is said and done.

When she recommends a product, people tend to listen and one of her latest must-haves is P.Louise Base in Rumour.

The Cosmopolitan gals alerted us to the fact that Paige Louise, a cruelty-free makeup brand based in the UK, first came up with the idea of using MAC's Select Cover Up Concealer as an eyeshadow primer.

Going one step further, they created a new product, which Nikkie has described as the best in the world.

Nikkie couldn't say enough good things about the primer and most importantly, it stands the test of time lasting for seven hours without creasing.

She also gave the pigmentation and coverage top marks and for a budget product, it appears to deliver the goods.

At the moment, the primer is only available in one option, Rumour, but further shades are being developed to cater for different skin tones.