Woman finds the weirdest, most bizarre way to get rid of her spots 1 year ago

Woman finds the weirdest, most bizarre way to get rid of her spots

Snail goo.

We repeat. Snail goo.


If you have acne and have tried just about anything and everything to get rid of it, then maybe you might want to try snail mucin.

Yep, that gooey, slimy stuff that comes from snails is supposed to be great for getting rid of spots and acne. Who knew?

Jessie Schiewe, a writer for PopSugar wrote a piece about it and said that it transformed her skin.

She used it twice daily - once in the morning and once at night - and it made her skin clear up more than any prescribed pill, antibiotic or cream.

She said: "I saw multiple dermatologists who recommended myriad ointments, like Differin and Tazorac, as well as prescription antibiotics, all of which I dutifully used, to no avail. Facials became a monthly ritual, and I tried everything from intense extractions to LED Blue light treatments and glycolic-retinol masks."

However, she said that one she started using the snail mucin, her acne had disappeared within days.

"Within a week, my skin was almost entirely clear of pimples, and now, after a using snail mucin for a year, I feel confident enough to go out in public without foundation on."


If you want to try some snail mucin, you can check it out here.