This YouTube user reckons she has found a brand new Naked Palette and OMG 1 year ago

This YouTube user reckons she has found a brand new Naked Palette and OMG

Could it be?!

We were left devastated earlier this month when we found out that Urban Decay are discontinuing the original Naked Palette.

It was the OG of just about any beauty lover's makeup bag and, after eight years on the market, it will definitely be missed.

But it looks like the brand may be bringing out a new Naked palette - and it looks sweet enough to eat.

YouTube user Elle Tells posted a video on Monday explaining how she discovered what she believed to be the newest addition to the Urban Decay family.

Elle said in the video that she had been tipped off to the palette's possible existence by one of her followers, who shared the tidbit in the comments of a previous video.

After a few searches through social media, she managed to find some photos of what appear to be Urban Decay's new palette - which, according to her, is currently available in Thailand.

The packaging does look an awful lot like the one that was used for Naked Heat and Naked Smoky - and it is said to include a double-ended eyeshadow brush, another hallmark of a Naked palette.

Promising 12 new "sweet and tart" shades, it looks like the palette is going to be a mix of shimmer, satin and matte eyeshadows.

The shade names include:

  • Hot Spot
  • Caution
  • Bang Bang
  • Feelz
  • Juicy
  • Turn On
  • Ambitious
  • Bing
  • Devilish
  • Young Love
  • Drunk Dial
  • Privacy

The colours range from peachy and coral shades to rich coppers and plums - a colour scheme that some fans have been comparing to Backtalk or Aphrodisiac. 

Elle speculated that the palette would be hitting shelves in North America later this fall. Based off previous launches, this would mean it would take a little while longer for it to reach us.

It's worth noting that this product has not been confirmed by Urban Decay.

However, as Elle points out in her video, she managed to find a Bill of Lading - a document issued by a carrier to a shipper of goods - for the palettes.

Combined with the trademark for the palette, it's looking very possible that we could be seeing Naked Cherry on shelves soon enough.

But, until we hear from the powers that be at Urban Decay, we're just going to keep dreaming of what they could come up with next.