TikTok beauty gurus are using frozen cucumbers instead of jade rollers 11 months ago

TikTok beauty gurus are using frozen cucumbers instead of jade rollers

Have you tried this?

While jade rollers have quite literally been around for centuries, the beauty tool has been enjoying some major popularity over the last few years.


These derma rollers are made from jade and other gemstones like rose quartz or amethyst, and they're used in self-massage to boost circulation and blood flow, which can lead to a visible glow. Many also claim that jade rollers can help to reduce swelling and puffiness.

Having said that, one drawback of jade rollers, is the hefty pricetag. Most jade rollers go for at least €20 or so, and I guess it's understandable. You are literally rolling a gemstone onto your skin.

Beauty bloggers on TikTok however, have found a much cheaper way to massage their faces, and all you need is a cucumber and a freezer.

It very simply involves chopping the top off a cucumber and popping it in the freezer overnight before gently massaging it on your skin in the morning.


One TikTok user to try it out is @AlexaRaeLoebel.


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In her video, she explained how she had "dark circles under her eyes", as well as pimples on her chin. However, after icing her face with the frozen cucumber, she found her skin had improved.

"Dark circles who?" she said. "Pimples where?"

@SkinByDrAzi, meanwhile, stitched Alexa's video, and used it to highlight some of the benefits of cucumber. She pointed out the fact that cucumbers contain antioxidants, and added that this technique can help promote collagen and brighten the skin.


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♬ Run Free (feat. IVIE) - Deep Chills

Dr Azi added that as cucumbers are "midly astringent", they can help with acne.

Esthetician @ElenaDuqueBeauty, meanwhile, advised skincare enthusiasts to take it to the next level by rolling the skin of the cucumber in self-massage. In her video, she explains that the skin of the cucumber contains silica, which also promotes collagen.