This Tiktok beauty hack will get you big lips instantly 1 year ago

This Tiktok beauty hack will get you big lips instantly

Brb, trying this out.

Full and big lips are what we all dream of having - but the commitment and price of fillers build up.


We've tried everything under the sun to make our lips look bigger, from Kylie Jenner's lip kits to those tingly lip plumbers that always go viral.

But one Tiktok user has tried something we never thought of, even though the idea was staring us in the face this entire time.

And all you'll need for this simple beauty hack? Any bottle of fake tan you want and a small eyeliner brush.

The viral Tiktok video trend showing this hack has over 8 million views in total, so it's definitely worth jumping on the bandwagon.

@alexa.almrazI did this a couple days ago and it still looks really good 10/10 recommend ##faketan ##faketanliner ##lipliner ##fyp♬ talking to the moon sickmix - Sickickmusic

For this hack, take a small squirt of the fake tan onto something that won't stain, grab the small brush and take a dab of the product.

It should be noted that liquid tan works best for this trick, but if you don't have any, just use a little less of your normal tan.


And if you nail it, you can get about three days of fuller lips from it.

The rest is simple, use the tan on the brush to outline your lips, just like you're putting on lip liner with a brush.

@mee3zztry it if u dare ##faketan ##faketanliner ##lipliner ##faketanlipliner ##fyp♬ deja vu - Olivia Rodrigo


Make sure you connect the lines on your lips and not just the natural lining of the top and bottom.

And just like you would when putting on regular tan, leave it a few minutes to dry and try not to move your mouth when waiting.

Leave it on for a few hours and once you rinse it off, you'll notice that your lips look a lot bigger, but in a more natural way.

But be warned - a dark or ultra dark tan won't work here and look too dark, so you're better off going for a lighter shade.