I tinted my eyebrows with fake tan - and other TikTok beauty hacks you should know 1 year ago

I tinted my eyebrows with fake tan - and other TikTok beauty hacks you should know

Revolutionary! No, really.

With all this time on our hands and all these TikToks to look at, I have been inspired by some hacks.


They're mainly beauty ones that will be with me post lockdown, and may even feature in a note of best tips I hand over to my grandchildren. They're that good.

The first one is a revolutionary way to dry your makeup brushes after you wash them.

1. Make up brush washing - and drying! 


Did you know you should be washing your makeup brushes at least once a week?! I don't know anyone who does that, but apparently you should be.

Honestly, if you find the time to wash them once a month I think you're winning.

To do that, use a cup of warm water with dish soap and a little olive oil for moisture. Dip your brushes in and wash them with your fingers before rinsing them.

Now, onto the drying! It's often hard to find the perfect place to dry your brushes - but I have. You're going to need a hanger and a few bobbins, but that's it.


Once you've got those, you are going to wrap the bobbins around the makeup brushes, attached them to the hanger, and then hang them wherever you want to dry.

So simple, so easy.

2. Fake tan eyebrow tint 


Yes, really. This is a thing. And I have tried it. And it works.

What you need for this one is: fake tan, a small flat makeup brush, an eyebrow brush and some cotton buds. I used a dark tan to go with the colour of my eyebrows, but next time I think I would go extra dark.

All you do is put the brush in the tan and brush it through your eyebrow hairs in the shape of your brows. Then use the eyebrow brush to brush it in a bit more.

Use the cotton buds to wipe the excess tan off, and you're done!


See? Told you it worked.