Tried And Tested: Keratin Complex 90 Day Treatment 8 years ago

Tried And Tested: Keratin Complex 90 Day Treatment

Located on Dublin’s Aungier Street, Queen Salon is a little oasis of pampering in the middle of hectic city centre streets.

So this is exactly where headed to in order to try out their new Keratin Complex treatment which aims to leave your hair frizz-free for up to 90 days – a task that was certainly going to be a big one considering our big mop of frizz.


Entering the salon, the team are welcoming, friendly and helpful to a tee, and salon director, John Mahon, who describes the treatment as “Botox for your hair” is always on hand with some expert advice and a chat.

Settled and comfy in front of their recently refurbished blow-dry bar, it was down to the good stuff – a few hours of pure pampering and finding out what it is all about.

So it begins...

The treatment is essentially like the 12-week blow dry idea – yet these are formaldehyde-free alternatives. They work by smoothing the hair without ever breaking the disulfide bonds (the bonds that make up the cortex or inner layer of the hair to you and me), achieving a consistently smooth result over time. The absence of Formaldehyde in no way reduces the longevity of the treatments, with results lasting up to 90 days once the proper after-care products are used.


Sold as “what every woman has been waiting for” we were certainly dying to see the effects of this natural alternative to the 12-week blow dry.

The end result - frizz free!

The secret ingredient of it all? An activating ingredient known as glycolic acid meaning it can be used on all hair types. Couple this with a second new treatment known as The Vit Shot, your hair will be full of life, vitality and shine.

They say: These two Keratin products, together with our BTX treatment are like Botox for the hair.  We’ve been trialling a multitude of products that achieve the best results, leaving the hair in sublime condition.  Having finally discovered and introduced Keratin Complex and Vit Shot to Queen, the demand has been extraordinary and everyone is now asking for their Shot.


We say: We were extremely sceptical of this treatment, not least because anyone who is able to put control on our hair should be labelled as a genius. But we were pleasantly surprised as, despite an initial ‘settling in’ period, our hair finally did do just that - ‘settle’ - and became much more manageable.

Washing your hair with the Keratin shampoo can leave it a bit knotty, but after that, blast it with the blowdryer and you’re done – literally. From Curly Sue to straight and manageable all for just two hours in the salon.

Both revolutionary treatments are available now at Queen Salon, which is located at 66/67 Aungier St, Dublin 2; Tel: 01 478 9633 or for details.Keratin Complex bestows its brilliance for up to 90 frizz-free days for €160, including consultation and blow dry. While The Vit Shot, is just €35 (€55 with blow dry).