Tried and Tested - The Mink Pampering Experience 8 years ago

Tried and Tested - The Mink Pampering Experience

Irish weather tends to call for heavy-duty footwear and after months of resigning our feet to thick socks and sturdy boots, our feet are in need of a little pampering.

Hard heels and scaly bits are far from pleasant and rather than tackle the task of sloughing away layers of dead skin ourselves, we decided this was one for the experts.


Enter Mink, a salon that pampers, preens but is results driven too.

We popped along for a visit recently, in the hope that the experienced therapist would be able to transform our tired toes and make them holiday ready.

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With just one treatment, this might sound like a tall order but we're delighted to say the Bamboo Pedicure (€85) delivered, and then some.


This indulgent pedicure is all about restoring moisture to the skin and with yummy smelling ingredients like Argan oil, this Her staffer was on cloud nine.

The never-ending stack of magazines and Nespresso on tap were welcomed and the team do their very best to ensure your Mink experience is one to remember.

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First came a sugarcane and bamboo exfoliation, followed by a soothing Acai masque, then there were the hot towels and to finish, a softening shea butter treatment.


Nails are clipped, cuticles are tidied up, nails are painted and when the 75 minutes are up, you'll feel like a new woman.

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So much so, you'll want to rush out and buy new shoes to adorn your pretty feet. You have been warned.

If you want to enjoy your own Mink experience, call 01 - 2603076 to find out more. There are currently two Mink salons in Dublin, one in Ballsbridge and another in Donnybrook.