We tried the Penneys tanning water and this is what we learned 4 years ago

We tried the Penneys tanning water and this is what we learned

The sun is shining and we're venturing outside with our see-through Irish bodies in tow.

Now don't get us wrong... we love the Casper look, and we're quite proud to flaunt those blue veins 10 to 11 months out of the year. But when that sun comes out, it's always nice to have a bronzed glow.


What's the harm?





Our favourite place on the planet (Penneys of course) launched an intriguing summer beauty product back in April. Suffice it to say we were slightly confused by what a clear liquid tanning product did. So, of course, we had to test it out.

What better day than a scorcher like this one to slap it on.



The PS Tanning water gives a lovely even glow Credit: Penneys

The fake tan spray is spritzed onto the skin and you can then buff it in to create a bronzed glow. Our spritzing skills are not anything to write home about but this product actually does exactly what it says on the tin.

The fact that it's clear definitely caused a bit of confusion, the dreaded Oompa Loompa fear was very much present. But actually, if you follow the directions this tanning water does create a lovely and even (depending on your spritzing skills) coverage.


A few tips to remember

  • Scrub up well - As always with any fake tan before application you MUST exfoliate (we may have forgotten this step)
  • Moisturise (duh) - You already know this... but it's essential.
  • Don't freak out - The tan begins to develop instantly, this helps with application and you'll find it continues to develop over a few hours
  • Do your hands, feet and elbows last - The fact that it's clear will give you enough hassle, don't worry about the problem areas at first then lightly cover them at the very end.

We definitely recommend it... there's something mysterious and different about a clear tanning product. Much like the Irish sun.