'Vacation glow hair’ is trending – and here is how you achieve it 1 year ago

'Vacation glow hair’ is trending – and here is how you achieve it

Yes, please.

We are all familiar with the summer glow – you know – skin that just looks the perfect amount of sun-kissed and radiant, often with a sprinkle of freckles and that tell-tale glow you just seem to radiate in the summer, especially right after you come home from a sun holiday?


It is the Holy Grail of summer skin, and many makeup products (bronzers, blushes, even freckle pens) have been created so that we can all achieve it – without having even left our desks or back gardens.

However, did you know summer glow is a thing when it comes to your hair as well – and that this summer, this is really what summer hair should be all about.

Yep – 'vacation glow hair' is trending – and the good news? You can still achieve the same vibes – whether you are booked onto a flight somewhere warm and delicious – or not.


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According to Glamour magazine, vacation glow hair is really a twist on classic balayage highlights, and is all about giving your hair a pretty, sun-kissed look, even if you're staying put. It might be a subtle change, but trust us, it will make a big impact, and honestly, when you see how pretty it looks, you'll be convinced too.

“Subtle, light-reflecting highlights one or two levels lighter than your base are the perfect way to add new life to your existing signature shade,” Nicole Tabloff, the colourist who originally coined the term, explains to Glamour.


“Ask your colourist for an express balayage, where they will strategically paint only a few balayage pieces to frame your face and a sprinkle in your parting depending on your haircut.”


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In short, vacation glow hair basically consists of subtle highlights and a warm gloss that adds tons of dimension and shine — and makes you look like you've spent a week at the beach.


The good news is that Tabloff says it perfect for all hair types and works on both virgin and dyed hair.

"After the balayage, your colourist should apply a warm gloss a few shades lighter than your base," Tabloff says.

"This will make the highlights really pop and will give your hair that warm, beachy feeling. This works on most hair colours, but the effect is most noticeable on darker blondes and brunettes."


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Minimal maintenance

I don't know about you, but I am all about low maintenance beauty when it comes to the summer months – and the best bit about vacation glow hair, is that is really needs minimal upkeep.

“Upkeep the balayage every three to six months and refresh the gloss when you have your base touched up, or as needed for extra warmth and shine,” Tabloff reveals.

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