Vogue Williams just debuted a new hairstyle, and we actually love it 2 years ago

Vogue Williams just debuted a new hairstyle, and we actually love it


The gorgeous Vogue Williams is showing off a new hairstyle on Instagram, and we love it.


However, it sounds like she's not that mad about it.

In a series of videos on Instagram Stories, Vogue was chatting about her shorter hair, having had extensions removed.

"Everyone always asks me about my hair… I usually have extensions in," said to the camera.

vogue williams

"I just got them out recently and this is my hair without them, so you can see they don't damage your hair - but I have to say, I really miss them and I'm getting them back in next week. So Ceira at Great Lengths - hurry up!"

We have to admit, we kind of love the shorter locks.

This isn't the first time that Vogue Williams has opened up about her beauty regime.


Previously, the model has spoken about her struggles with acne, and how she managed to get over it.

"For me I went to two different skin clinics, I went to the London Skin and Hair Clinic in Holborn first."

"They gave me quite a few peels over a few months and then put me on a prescribed antibiotic as my skin had got so bad. The antibiotic was a life saver, it was called Lymecycline so it’s not as intense and doesn’t have the same negative side effects as Roaccutane."

"I went on a whole new skincare regime that included two cleansers, two moisturisers, three serums and face pads with glycolic acid in them."


She also opened up about some of her favourite skincare brands:

"I do spend a lot of money on skincare now because I’ve become quite obsessed with it. I love brands like Dermalogica and IMAGE skincare."