Want Kissable Lips? Get the Perfect Pout with our Guide 10 years ago

Want Kissable Lips? Get the Perfect Pout with our Guide

Have you always wanted the perfect pout? Do you dream of big, bee-stung lips that could give Angelina Jolie a run for her money in the plumped-up department?

There’s just something about soft, pillowy, incredibly kissable lips, isn’t there? If you’re tired of using various plumping lip glosses and not seeing tangible results (other than a burning sensation in your bottom lip) then you’ve come to the right place.


Here are our top tips and tricks when it comes to getting the perfect, full pout.

1. Use the toothbrush trick: Every morning and evening, when you’re finished brushing your teeth, get your toothbrush and use it to brush your lips. Yes, seriously. This is a great way to keep your lips soft and supple. Using a toothbrush on your pout helps to keep dry skin at bay and get rid of any unsightly cracks.

If you have a patch of stubborn dry skin, then use a dry toothbrush but for everyday maintenance use a wet brush.

2. Get a lip pencil that matches the natural shade of your pout: While many people argue that lining your lips can actually make them look smaller, if you match the shade of your liner to your lip, you can use it to emphasis your pout.


Make sure you line your lips carefully – it’s best to stick to your natural lip line. Remember, the clown look is never in style. Ever.  

When you get to your cupids bow, that little curve at the top of your lips, deviate from your line slightly to draw two little peaks. This will give the illusion that your lips are fuller than they actually are. Result.

3. Go for lighter colours: When picking out a shade to wear, if you want to give your lips a little bit more of an ‘oomph’ make sure you choose a light/nude colour that has a slight shimmer in it. It’s all about tricking the eye.

Light colours will instantly plump your lips up, and if there’s a bit of shimmer in them, all the better. The shimmer will draw the eye to your lips and make them seem bigger.


4. Highlight, highlight, highlight: It’s amazing what a good illuminator can do. Fact. Grab yourself an illuminating pen and line the dip in your cupid’s bow and beneath your lower lip with it. Blend it all in until all you’re left with is a subtle shimmer.

The result? Well the extra bit of highlighting will make your lips ‘pop’ off your face, meaning you’ll have that bee-stung pout without any pain.

5. Be selective where you gloss: If you’re wearing lip gloss, a good rule of thumb is to always apply a little bit more to the middle of your bottom lip. Again, this creates an optical illusion which immediately plumps up your lips.

The lip gloss trick is a good one to use when you don’t have the time to bust out a lip liner or spend time highlighting the appropriate bits.