We've found a product that cleans your makeup brushes in minutes 5 years ago

We've found a product that cleans your makeup brushes in minutes

We're not going to publicly admit to just how nasty we let some of our makeup brushes get.

But suffice to say that we probably don't clean them enough. Which is a pretty bad habit when you consider that allowing excess product to build-up over weeks and weeks only lets the nasty likes of bacteria and germs fester (something that can then result in pimples on your skin).


Up until now, cleaning our brushes has been both time-consuming and not all that effective. Numerous beauty bloggers swears by using baby shampoo - but in our experience baby products aren't all that great at getting rid of layers of old foundation, powder, and bronzer.

 Step forward this brush and sponge cleansing soap from Irish brand, Blank Canvas.

It's costs just €15 and we tried it out earlier today on Snapchat (@gill.fitz) and it's AMAZING!


We wet the soap - which comes in a handy dish - and then dabbed a foundation and a large powder brush into it, letting the suds lather up.

We then then rinsed under warm water until the applicators were like new again.

The whole process probably took less than two minutes per brush.


"Taking care of your brushes mean you’ll maintain the quality of your brushes, avoid bacterial build up which is bad for your brushes and your skin.

"Make-up building up below the tip of your brush head, generally means you’re misusing your brush and eventually will break down and come away from your brush," Blank Canvas also told us.

Here are their top tips for use:

  • Moisten the soap with water.
  • Rub the brush bristles (head only) over the soap and lather.
  • Rinse the brush bristles in lukewarm water until it runs clear.
  • ALWAYS avoid getting the metal part and handle wet.
  • Be careful not to leave soap residue in the centre of a densely-packed brush.
  • Reshape your brush and lay at to dry. Wipe the soap of any suds or residue.

The Blank Canvas range is available from blankcanvascosmetics.com. Otherwise, the likes of Magee’s, Meagher’s Pharmacies in Dublin, Healthwise, and Cara Pharmacies countrywide all have the brand in store.