We've improved the names of some popular makeup items 6 years ago

We've improved the names of some popular makeup items

Makeup, it's a beautiful morning!

Some of the names for makeup items are a bit weird. Mascara sounds like a Spanish student your parents housed one summer and concealer sounds like a superhero that has the ability to hide things in his butt.


I've come up with some better names for makeup items, which I highly recommend everyone starts to use from this moment on. If we all agree to do it, the names will catch on very quickly so please do, thanks.

Foundation cream shades. Color palette. Vector illystration



Kohl Eyeliner Pencil





Lip gloss make up


makeup brush with blush set



Black powder brush and brown powder isolated on a white background.


Mascara isolated on white background


Macro of eyelash curler on white background



A makeup palette case over white background


Unhealth Makeup Sponge on white background


"A stick of red lipstick, isolated on white."