Yes, Primer Works - But Only If You Apply It Like THIS 7 years ago

Yes, Primer Works - But Only If You Apply It Like THIS

We've always been on the fence about primer. 

While  cosmetic companies would have us believing that it is a major beauty crime not to use it, sometimes we wonder if we are really getting enough bang for our buck.


There is nothing as disheartening as forking out for an expensive and high-promising primer but still having to touch up at 11am.

A young woman in the middle of her skincare routine

Now, international makeup artist Amanda Bell has revealed the proper way to apply your primer in order to get the most benefits.

Speaking to Women's Health, the beauty expert said the first step is choosing the right type.


She said: "There are two kinds: ones with pigment and ones without. Colorless formulas are often called treatment-based primers.

"Not only do they smooth everything out, but they also contain ingredients that can counteract dryness, de-shine the skin, control breakouts, and hydrate, depending on the formula.

"A tinted primer, on the other hand, can brighten your complexion or help even out your skin tone.

"Depending on the strength of the pigment and how much you'd like to cover, it’s possible that it could also double as a foundation."


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The amount of product you use is also key and rather than dotting the product all over your face and then blending - you are far better off applying one dollup and then spreading.

She said: "Primer ideally bridges skincare with makeup, so it should be the first step in a makeup routine.

"And a little goes a long way. After finishing up with your skin-care products, blend a coin-sized amount of primer from the center of the face outwards.


"If you’ve got puffiness under your eyes, keep your primer in the fridge since the cold temperature helps to calm and sooth inflammation.

"And if you’ve got sensitive skin, avoid applying primer with your fingers; use a clean foundation brush instead."

Hat Tip: Women's Health