You can get the Duchess of Cambridge's beauty must-have for €3 5 years ago

You can get the Duchess of Cambridge's beauty must-have for €3

Time to buy in bulk.

We previously found out that Kate Middleton is a big fan of Trilogy's Rosehip Oil and now another of her beauty secrets is doing the rounds.


Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a huge fan of muslin cloths, or flannels, for removing her makeup.

This little tidbit of information was revealed when Arabella Preston, makeup artist to the Duchess FYI, shared this beauty tale with The Cut.

Arbella is the woman who taught the royal some important tricks of the trade which then meant that Catherine went ahead and did her own wedding makeup.


Arabella says that a muslin cloth is absolutely necessary to ensure you remove all makeup from your face and apparently, this method leaves your face a lot cleaner than just your standard cleanser and cotton pad.

Of course, the muslin cloth isn't a new idea by any means and those who are devotees of Liz Earle's cult beauty product, Cleanse & Polish, can attest to the benefits of this cleansing method.

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The key is the fact that it 'gently' exfoliates without having any adverse effect on your skin while also removing dirt and grime.

We don't know about you but we're pretty impressed by this fact and plan on purchasing multiple muslin cloths after work this evening.

You can buy them in multi-packs, say €15 for a pack of five, which means that one works out to just €3. Of course, this will differ on where your purchase the flannel or muslin cloth.