App-reciation: Stay On Top Of The News With LinkedIn Pulse 5 years ago

App-reciation: Stay On Top Of The News With LinkedIn Pulse

When starting out in business, it’s important to stay on top of the current news of your respective industry and this handy app helps you do just that.

‘LinkedIn Pulse’ was originally set up by Alphonso Labs in May 2010 as a stand alone app for the iPad. Collecting all the news you want to see, the app stores the feeds like reddit - displaying news from multiple RSS feeds in a single page.


After proving so popular with LinkedIn users, the business networking site bought the app from Alphonso Labs for a cool $90 million in 2013.

Personalise your feed by selecting from hundreds of trusted sources including LinkedIn Influencers, like Conan O’Brien (below), so that you only get the breaking news and interesting articles that matter to you.


You can also see what’s trending among professionals worldwide and sign in with LinkedIn to easily like, comment, and share articles with your network.

Staying ahead of the game, and most importantly, your competitors, is just one of the keys to success in the world today and with LinkedIn Pulse you’ll be able to do just that.


LinkedIn Pulse is completely free on both iTunes and the Google Play store.