The Meanings Of Our Favourite Emojis Are ALL WRONG 7 years ago

The Meanings Of Our Favourite Emojis Are ALL WRONG

Emojis are a beautiful and fascinating thing.

The way use them is evolving all the time, and we often put our own meanings onto them, which are wildly different to the official meanings designated.


Here are just a few emojis that we have all been totally misinterpreting.

The Crying Laughing Emoji/Real Name: Face With Tears Of Joy (circa 2010)

This is a weird one. Apparently this emoji means someone is experiencing a huge amount of deep and meaningful emotion, resulting in them weeping with happiness. Everyone using it when they find something gas, you are sadly wrong.



The Hair Flip Emoji/Real Name: Information Desk Person (circa 2010)

There we were, using this emoji to end conversations on a sassy note, when it actually represents a woman working at an information desk, or alternatively, holding a tray of invisible drinks. This is devastating.


The Good Time Gals Emoji/Real Name: Bunny Ears Emoji (circa 2010)


Everyone knows that this emoji signals an impending majestic night out with the girlos, but apparently it's based on the actual Playboy Bunny girls of the 1960s.


The 'I Could Care Less' Emoji/Real Name: Nail Polish (circa 2010)

Although this is apparently just a simple nail polish application emoji, you and I both know it's so much more than that. This emoji conveys so much, whether it be that you've actually gotten your nails done, or you're just feeling SMUG about your latest life decision.




The 'I Am Vaguely Devastated' Emoji/Real Name: Sleepy Face (circa 2010)

Those of you who have been using this emoji to convey disappointment, well, prepare to be disappointed. The little bubble is from Japanes manga, and indicates that a person is asleep. The more you know.



The 'I Am Bleedin' RAGING' Emoji/Real Name: Look Of Triumph (circa 2010)

This is an emoji which conveys deep anger and frustration, from being stuck in a grim traffic jam, to having to take out the bins when you've just gotten into your slob clothes. This is in no way a representation of triumph.


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