These Seven Start-Ups Want You To Give Them A Chance To Be Their Own Boss 7 years ago

These Seven Start-Ups Want You To Give Them A Chance To Be Their Own Boss

If you were within minutes of securing your dream job, what would you say to win a public vote?

This year’s AIB Start-up Academy, in association with the Irish Times, is about to kick off for a second year, but there’s still one slot left for a wildcard finalist.


Following stiff competition, 11 finalists were chosen to enter the AIB Start-up Academy,  to go forward to the final stage.

It seems Ireland’s facing some exciting entrepreneurial prospects in the coming months, with business groups in food, fashion, medical and lifestyle technologies progressing through to the AIB Start-up Academy.

So who made the cut?

The 2016 Start-up Academy finalists are:

    • Cool Bean Company
    • Nasal Medical Ltd
    • Popertee
    • Brendan Joseph
    • Rebel Chilli
    • Queezybags
    • Blackwater Distillery
    • Buska Ltd
    • Dropchef
    • Leaves

For your chance to vote for your wildcard favourite, simply watch the below videos to find out how.

Battling it out for the final spot in the training academy, these seven start-ups have prepared a quick pitch to win you over. The wildcard option will be handpicked by the readers of and

Need help deciding? Here are the seven Irish companies looking for your vote:


Eoghan McGregor of WOD Holidays want to offer you a CrossFit holiday – where you can maximise your downtime by training and working out, while enjoying the sunshine.

Here’s why he wants you to vote for him as your Wildcard option:

Keeping up with the fitness trend, Niall Doran of Boxing News and Views wants every sports fan to get behind the side of sport rarely spoken about:


Botond Tarcsay of Shoployal helps you locate the best deals to reward your consumer loyalty. Here’s why you should take a punt on this start-up:

Sean Greif of Moontour promises to teach Irish in small groups and a range of activities from watersports to computer games, and everything in between. Here’s why he wants your vote:


Niall Moloney of PowCow frozen yogurt has a taste for the Start-up Academy. Here’s why he needs your vote to get through to the final round:

Laura Nagamine give us the long and short of providing fashionable, fitted clothing for petite women in Ireland. Here’s why she needs your helping hand:

Last but not least, Jenny Reynolds of Topper Technology Ltd. wants to make running your own business easier – with the touch of a button (or app). Find out here, how she plans to make processing payments easier, quicker and inexpensive:

For more information on the AIB Start-up Academy, you can click here.