Always Drop Food On Your Clothes? This Is The News You’ve Been Waiting For… 6 years ago

Always Drop Food On Your Clothes? This Is The News You’ve Been Waiting For…

It’s universally acknowledged that if you’re wearing a white/ cream/ handwash only item of clothing, that you’re inevitably going to dirty it with spaghetti, ketchup, red wine or any other staining food item.

A genius has now come up with an unstainable shirt – the perfect item to complete our wardrobe.


The Unstainable White Shirt by fashion brand Elizabeth & Clarke is about to save you on a lot of dry cleaning bills.

The unstainable shirt is the best item of clothing on the planet

The stain-free clothing is all thanks to a nanotech coating of hydrophobic material, which Fast Company explains:

"[it] works by disrupting the hydrogen bond that binds together water molecules. Water has to push away from the material's surface to keep its structural integrity. The result is waterproofing at the molecular level."

And it seems they’ve thought of everything, with comfort being a top priority for the new clothing line.

Speaking about the wipe-clean wardrobe, the creators said:


"The magic material uses liquid-repelling fibers that are 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand, applied to fabric through a bathing and curing process. These fibers sit on top of otherwise normal silk and cotton textiles. The material, the company claims, can reject liquids for years, but retains a fabric's natural breathability. So you can perspire, and the shirt won't slide around your sweaty body as if it's on stinky ball bearings."

No more eating spaghetti in fear!