Amber Gill is going back to work as a beautician after her Love Island win 11 months ago

Amber Gill is going back to work as a beautician after her Love Island win

Love Island's Amber Gill isn't short of a few bob at the minute but that doesn't mean she's leaving her job.

The 21-year-old has recently come in to a nice bit of cash, what with winning the show.

She and other half Greg split their £50,000 prize money after their win but Amber won't be living off the money.

A beautician by trade, she plans to go back to the salon in Newcastle where she works with her aunt.

Amber has big ambitions for the business and hopes to open a few more salons.

"I'll definitely keep working with my auntie. We'll still have the salon, and I'll build from that - the goal would be opening a few more salons together.

"That was the idea before Love Island, so hopefully we'll see what we can do."

Don't expect to see Amber loaded down with designer gear either.


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As probably the most level-headed 21-year-old ever, she wants to mind the cash rather than spend it.

"I'm going to be sensible with the money.

"I'll probably treat myself a little bit, but I'm going to invest and be careful with it."

It's just as well too as it looks like she and Greg won't be appearing in their own spin-off reality show.

Other popular Love Island couples like Chris and Olivia from season three and Jack and Dani from season four have gotten their own shows but ITV is reportedly holding off this year as its worried about couples going the distance.

"It’s been a publicity disaster in previous years, when couples split before their show aired or appeared to get back together just as the programmes came out," a source said.