Andrew Le Page explains why he unfollowed Jacques O'Neill 1 year ago

Andrew Le Page explains why he unfollowed Jacques O'Neill

"Tasha is my priority."

Earlier this week, fans noticed that Andrew Le Page's Instagram account unfollowed Jacques O'Neill, after a video of Jacques allegedly mocking Tasha Ghouri circulated on social media.


It was reported that the video was posted on Jacques' private Instagram story, and in it, he quotes Davide's famous line, "You are a liar, actress, get the fuck out," while on the screen, Tasha makes her final speech to Andrew.

Since then, fans have noticed that neither Tasha nor Andrew follow Jacques on Instagram, and in an interview yesterday, Andrew explained his decision.

In an interview with Heat, Andrew admitted to unfollowing Jacques.

He said: "Tasha is my priority and obviously there was a video that came out. We're trying to move away from it all and just be ourselves and get on with life."


Yesterday, Jacques addressed some of the bullying accusations that have been following him since he left the villa. As well as the clip where he appears to mock Tasha, former contestant Remi alleged that Jacques bullied him while he was on the show.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Jacques wrote: "I want to acknowledge the situation that’s happening right now and apologise if my behaviour has caused offence or been misinterpreted the last few weeks.

"I genuinely have no bad feelings towards anyone and I’ve not meant for anything to come across that way at all. It was not my intention and I’m genuinely sorry if it has.

"Life has been very overwhelming recently and admittedly I’ve probably not handled myself in the best possible way. I take full responsibility for my actions.


"I’m aware I’m far from perfect and that there is work that needs to be done on myself."

He went on to say that he has started going to therapy, and apologised to anyone he has "let down".