AW! Beyonce And Jay-Z Give Us A Peek Inside Their Family Life 4 years ago

AW! Beyonce And Jay-Z Give Us A Peek Inside Their Family Life

Beyonce and Jay-Z have revealed intimate home video footage which even shows the singer showing off her baby bump.

Despite months of speculation about their marriage, the couple allowed fans an insight into their life of apparent wedded bliss.

Beyonce is seen standing almost naked in her husband’s arms showing off her bump, as part of a six-minute clip that they played as the background of their recent concerts.

beyonce small

As the couple took turns singing their hits Young Forever and Halo, the compilation of their personal pictures rolled behind them. The pics include images of them on holiday plus never-before-seen footage from their wedding day back in 2008.

Other milestones are marked throughout the video, and there’s even footage of Beyonce holding her baby daughter Blue Ivy just after she was born.

beyonce and family
The couple pictured with their daughter, Blue Ivy.

The pregnancy rumour mill went into overdrive when the 33-year-old touched her stomach as she sang.

This was added to by Jay-Z’s lyric change “’Cause she pregnant with another one”, though no official statement has been released.

Video and pictures via YouTube/Beyoncé