Azealia Banks calls herself the 'Queen of Ireland' and says we ALL have scurvy 2 years ago

Azealia Banks calls herself the 'Queen of Ireland' and says we ALL have scurvy

We're totally baffled by all of it.

So, yesterday Azealia Banks took herself off a flight to Ireland because she said the Aer Lingus hostess was staring at her.


She took to Instagram Stories to go on a really long rant about how the steward was an "ugly Irish bitch" and how we're all "ugly Irish women."

Obviously, she never took off on that flight and it was delayed because crew members had to search for her bags.

She was then meant to get a Ryanair flight but that seemingly didn't go ahead either because she ended up getting a ferry over.

However, she then proceeded to go on yet another rant, calling herself the "Queen of Ireland."

Yeah, OK hun.

The 212 rapper said:

"I've been asleep, and I woke up to some excellent news. It's out, I'm the Queen of Ireland! I never knew I was the Queen of Ireland!

"Aren't you happy to have such a Queen like me? Oh my God, the first black queen of Ireland! I really just woke up in the Irish Spring and the girls can't take it.

"I got the pot of gold, bitch. I've got the pot of gold, and I'm not even from here! Now wait, until I do this sold out f***ing show. Y'all b***hes are gonna see who the f***ing Queen of Ireland is."


She then said we all have scurvy.

"The girls have scurvy, they're like vitamin deficient, they need some calcium tablets and some Camaraderie soap. Anyways, I'm back on the Chardonel (wine)."

She also called the Rose of Tralee an "ugly Irish girl."

What. The. Hell.