Coco Lodge has released her Love Island audition tape 1 year ago

Coco Lodge has released her Love Island audition tape

A legend.

Love Island bombshell Coco Lodge has released her own audition tape for the hit ITV2 dating series.


After joining the show during the Casa Amor week, Coco and Andrew Le Page really hit it off and he ended up bringing her back to the main villa, but once Tasha Ghouri returned, he went back to her in a heartbeat.

After she was eventually dumped from the villa, she has gone on to detail her experience on the show in various interviews and podcasts, but now Coco has shared her original audition tape.

Posting it to YouTube, she said: "You all keep asking about the application process of the show… I got scouted but you still have to audition, this is my original audition tape I applied with after being scouted for the show.

Then in the tape, she says: "Hi, I’m Coco and I’m from Surrey. I’m a freelance graphics designer and I also own a clothing brand.


“I need somebody’s help to filter out all the bulls*** men, I want to get married young, my biological clock is like ding, ding, ding, I need to be pregnant right now. I want four children and then once they’ve grown up I want to foster.

“But all the guys I meet just use me for sex, and I’m just in and out of situationships. Just someone who wants to commit to me! I want love.”

Showing the cheeky side we all eventually got to know and love her for, she went on to talk about her "toxic" traits.

"It doesn’t really grow on me – feelings. Like if I’m instantly attracted to someone I’m instantly obsessed with them, like FBI style stalking their whole life," she added.


“No filter, I’m a little bit toxic – Britney Spears has got nothing on me. Super extra and needs to be centre of attention.”

Showing off her skills and hobbies, the clip also includes videos of Coco in the gym, at dance classes and out on a night out.