Des Bishop and girlfriend Hannah Berner announce engagement 1 year ago

Des Bishop and girlfriend Hannah Berner announce engagement

"When you know, you know"

Stand-up comedian Des Bishop has announced his wedding engagement to girlfriend Hannah Berner on Instagram.


Yesterday, Des shared a photo of the happy couple with his 65.7k followers. He captioned the post "When you know, you know. Laughs for life."

Hannah, who is a host on Bravo's Chat Room, announced the news on her own page. In a series of posts, she shared a close-up shot of the diamond ring in order to "normalize unmanicured nails and nubby fingers in engagement photos".


The couple have been together since last July, and told People Magazine that they got engaged on Valentine's Day. Hannah spilled the beans on her engagement with the publication: "When we first started dating, Des would send me these really funny singing videos that would make me laugh. On Valentine's Day, I woke up and I had a video of him singing, which I hadn't gotten since the summer. And then it ends with him being like, 'I have a surprise for you.'"

Hannah continued: "I'm in bed with my Invisalign on, and my breath is terrible. And he's just kneeling on the side, and then he just pulls out the ring."


Des gushed about Hannah to People Magazine saying: "I was fairly certain fairly quickly that Hannah was the one for me. When I met her the first time, my immediate thought was not only is she beautiful, but I just want to spend all the time with her because she's so much fun."

Hannah also shared her love for Des: "I really just fell in love with how his mind works. And I really listen to his advice, and I really just respect him."

Since the announcement, Des has shared some insight into engaged life on his own story. He told his followers "So big news. It's all very exciting, People Magazine writing about us. Reality? I'm waiting for Hannah at the DMV."