Elliot Page says top surgery transformed his life 1 year ago

Elliot Page says top surgery transformed his life

The actor revealed that his procedure allowed him to "recognise" himself in the mirror.

Time Magazine featured Elliot Page on the cover of their latest issue along with the headline "I'm fully who I am".


In his interview with Katy Steinmetz, the Umbrella Academy actor talks about upcoming projects, the battle for transgender rights, as well as his own experience with his gender identity.

Page came out as transgender in December 2020. He released a statement on Twitter announcing the news, as well as his name change.

"I am trans, my pronouns are he/they and my name is Elliot," he wrote.

He continued: "I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me along this journey. I can't begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self."


In his Time interview, Elliot spoke about his gender identity, as well as his decision to undergo top surgery. Elliot noted that being trans isn't all about surgery, given that for some it's "unnecessary", and for others it's "unaffordable".

However, the actor did speak positively of the affirming effects of his top surgery.


Page spoke to Steinmetz about how his procedure was cathartic after puberty, which he described as "total hell". He revealed that his surgery enabled him to "recognise" himself when he looks in the mirror.

He added: "It has completely changed my life."

Elliot also described how he spent a lot energy feeling "uncomfortable" in his body. Now however, he has regained that energy.

The actor also mentioned the privilege he experiences as someone who is white, wealthy and famous.


Page told Steinmetz, "My privilege has allowed me to have resources to get through and to be where I am today, and of course I want to use that privilege and platform to help in the ways I can.”