Everyone's saying the exact same thing about Love Island newbie Elma 4 months ago

Everyone's saying the exact same thing about Love Island newbie Elma

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It's MAURA V MOLLY-MAE in our latest episode below. 

Elma Pazar entered Love Island mere days ago but already, fans are forming strong opinions.

There's no denying that the reality show has upped its game in the last couple of days and a lot of the drama is down to the arrival of new contestant Maura Higgins who has certainly livened things up.

Although Maura is now the centre of attention thanks to the love triangle involving Tommy Fury and Molly Mae Hague, Elma had some screen time last night and viewers were all saying the same thing.

During a chat with the girls, Amy said that Lucie doesn't spend time with the other ladies and prefers to hang out with the boys, something Amy can't quite grasp...more on that here.

Elma then went to Lucie and basically relayed what Amy had said which confused Lucie as she apparently thought everything was fine.

This led to Lucie telling the others that Amy had been slagging her off to the 'new girl' and before you know it, things are kicking off.

It was certainly a drama-filled episode which led many to come to the same conclusion, Elma is stirring the pot.

However, she may have been trying to help the ladies sort their differences?

We'll have to wait for Sunday night for an update on what's happening in the villa and if you didn't know why there isn't any coverage on a Saturday, former islander Kem Cetinay has explained the reason why in depth.