Stop the lights, did you hear Amy's cheeky remark on Love Island last night? 4 months ago

Stop the lights, did you hear Amy's cheeky remark on Love Island last night?

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It's MAURA V MOLLY-MAE in our latest episode below. 

Well, last night's Love Island was eventful.

The Molly Mae, Maura and Tommy triangle was trending but in the midst of all that drama, people missed what was going on with the other contestants.

Namely, Amy's very cheeky remark.

Luice burst into tears because Elma had told her about Amy saying she doesn't hang with the girls and then Amy was sounding off to Curtis about the situation.

It was in the middle of this conversation that Amy took it upon herself to say she's "always" right and sorry, WHAT?!

I mean, saying you're never wrong is a pretty big assumption to make and needless to say Curtis was slightly taken aback.

Love Island fans had the same reaction too...

This comes after Amy saying that Lucie never hangs with the girls but if she's happy doing her own thing, is that such a big deal?

As regular viewers will know this all started when Luice and Joe became 'exclusive' on the same day as Amy and Curtis but Amy was annoyed because she and Curtis shared their news on the day and honestly, what age are they?

It's all a bit ridiculous but of course, we are totally obsessed with all things Love Island and absolutely need to analyse every little detail.

Although the girls appeared to smoothe things over and hug it out in last night's episode, something tells me we haven't heard the last of this particular subject...