Fans are not happy with these 'enhanced' photos of Selena Gomez 4 years ago

Fans are not happy with these 'enhanced' photos of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez fans are not happy with this brand's "enhanced" photos of the star.

Fashion house Coach recently shared images of Gomez as part of their new ad campaign promoting their spring summer 2018 collection.


However, Instagram users criticised the images saying that they had been "enhanced" so much that the singer was "unrecognisable."

"Sorry but you can see that her face is photoshopped it looks like a head is photoshopped on a body," wrote one user.

"It looks like a drawing or something," said another.

One Instagram user took the time to send Coach a message detailing that they understood that brands must alter their images to an extent, but that they did not agree with the "message" that this campaign was promoting.

They wrote:


"Dear @coach, I understand that every photo that is used in advertising is technically enhanced, as to sell a product you want the photograph to be as perfect as possible.

"I just do not understand why the choice has been made to edit a woman’s face who is considered socially and globally beautiful, as this sends a message to the viewer, that even a person considered as “perfect”, like Selena Gomez, still isn’t good enough to sell a product."

Another user simply asked: "What is wrong with her head."

Coach shared six images of Gomez as part of their campaign and one video of the shoot.


While many remain critical of the photos, some people have argued that the images are not digitally enhanced at all.

"I don't see no photoshop," said one person. "People can't accept she's naturally this pretty."

"You people are so f*cking dumb," wrote another. "These photographers know how to shoot a model under perfect lighting."

Gomez took to Instagram to promote Coach's new campaign herself, writing:


"A New Year’s first just for you guys- I’m so excited to reveal my new @Coach campaign."