Here's what people think Beyonce's latest tattoo means 2 years ago

Here's what people think Beyonce's latest tattoo means


Beyonce isn't one to be heavily inked.

Unlike the Lady Gagas and the Keshas of the world, Queen Bey has decided to keep her body mostly tatt-free.

She probably won't be getting any tattoo sleeves anytime soon either, but Beyonce has shared a photo of her latest ink... and it most likely has a very special meaning.

Shared on Instagram, the photo shows Bey with her painfully perfectly manicured hands clutching a gold chain.

There, you can see that she's gotten three distinct dots tattooed on her ring finger.

Beyonce didn't caption the photo, but fans have been quick to share their theories about what those three dots represent.

And, to be honest, they're probably not far from the truth.

The three dots most likely stand for Beyonce's three kids - Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter.

Ah, bless.

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Bey gave birth to Rumi and Sir a few months back, and it wasn't long before she took to social media to share the newborn pic to end all newborn pics.

How could you ever forget this beauty?

Bey has also got a number 4 / letter 'J' on her finger too - so it's understandable that she'd want to represent her kids as well as her husband on her body.

She's sound that way.